It’s hard to beat good company and good food.

This post is a little late, but I looked back over pictures from a sweet evening a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but share. Usually this group we are a part of gets together to study injustice. I could (and most likely will soon) write many other blog posts on this issue, but if you are intrigued… check out a little more here!

This night we planned a special dinner for Johan and Tiana (two members of our group) who were all packed and ready to head back to South Africa after spending a few years in Fort Collins. They moved back just in time for Christmas. We already miss them bunches but are happy to know they are with family and friends back home. The evening was filled with warm conversation, laughter, and great food including homemade rosemary bread sticks, caesar salad, spinach lasagna (easy recipe to come soon) and delicious chai cupcakes. Evenings such as this one make me certain that food was intended for so much more than simply to sustain.



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