Life, Life and More Life

I know I have already apologized for this, but it seems I have to apologize again for being a bit MIA these past several weeks. Life has been crazy, exciting and fast to say the least.

The past few weeks were a whirlwind that consisted of: my parents coming to visit for a long weekend, a beautiful wedding in STL, and finally returning to CO and waiting ever so patiently like an anxious child for information about the next year of my life.

So, here is going to be a short and sweet update about where (God-willing) my life will be headed within the next year. I was accepted into the University of Northern Colorado’s Dietetic Internship starting this summer! So, my official last day working at WIC will be May 30th and about a week after that I will start what will be an 9 month process of interning with dietitians in hospitals, school districts, and community settings from Cheyenne to Greeley to Fort Collins. This should last until around February of next year… and THEN…. I will finally be able to take board exams certifying me as a Registered Dietitian! Having this certification will allow me to finally be qualified to do the nutritional counseling that I have felt called to for a very long time. It has been a long process, and I still hesitate saying that “this” is how my life will look like for the next year (bc it ALWAYS seems to work out differently than I plan) but this is all finally becoming a bit more real. Basically, to sum up this very random post… my life is about to get a bit more hectic and crazy, but God’s timing and plans are perfect and I am once again in awe about where/how He is leading me.

More to come very soon. It really has been too long, hasn’t it?

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