34 Weeks!

This has been a very very good week. My sweet nephew, Daniel Jameson Oliver was born this past Saturday, January 26th. Kortney did amazing and the whole family is now home safe and sound. I have to say, he has the cutest lips in the universe. I mean… just look at him!

David and I are quite sad not to be in Texas getting to know him, but my family has been great about including us using FaceTime. Thank goodness for technology! I can’t believe that when we meet him in person we will also get to introduce him to his baby cousin! It is going to be a lot of fun having boy cousins just a few months apart!

This week marks 34 weeks! And as I always say, time is flying. Only 3 more weeks to go in the dietetic internship, and only 6 weeks till our nugget’s due date. Here is a baby update for the past few weeks…

  • Fatigue: Yes! It feels like early on again except this time, sleeping is a problem. The other night I laid in bed for several hours unable to sleep. I finally pulled out my phone and looked at Pinterest which I doubt actually helped, but did make the time go by faster.
  • Cravings: Still a day to day thing, but recently I have been into Larkburger hamburgers (ahem, with a chocolate shake on the side), hummus and veggies, and cereal. And just by talking about those foods, I am officially hungry again.
  • Aversions: Love the hummus, can’t stand the smell of the hummus after I am done. Gotta wash that dish fast!
  • Maternity pictures: Check! Was a lot of fun. Michelle has a way of making a preggo feel special! I will share some of the pictures below.
  • Birthing Class: Started. Bam!
  • Braxton Hicks: Yep. Quite often. I have come to expect them now. We have had to take a few breaks when out shopping so I can just lean over the cart and breathe. I am sure I didn’t look strange at all, ha!
  • Movement: Non-stop. He seems to either hiccup or drum all the time. Sometimes I swear he is aiming for specific organs in my body for the fun of it. But still, it’s quite cute (even if it does keep me up at night).
  • Name: Undecided. We have several names that we like right now; however, we have decided to wait until we see him to officially name him. This has made for some interesting name suggestions/nicknames from friends and family such as Davis (maybe just a tad bit too close to David), Ebeneezer (I said I’d think about it… and I did. Nope), Baby David, and Tiny Ham. All cute nicknames… none of which are on the list of maybes right now. 🙂
Currently looking forward to:
  • My mom, aunt and gram visiting this weekend! So ready to see them!
  • Continued FaceTime with my adorable nephew.
  • Finishing the internship!! Oh that will be a great day.
  • Having time to finish the baby room.
And finally, here are a few of the pictures from our Maternity Session.
If interested, you can see more here.
I have a feeling these next several weeks are going to fly by. We are so ready to meet our little man!

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