39 weeks!

Prepare yourself for a LONG post. This is what happens when I don’t write my thoughts down for weeks.

Time really has flown by over these past 9 months. It feels like just yesterday that I took numerous pregnancy tests just to be “sure” that they were right. It feels just yesterday that I met David for dinner in Fort Collins bc I couldn’t wait for him to drive 15 more minutes out to Severance to tell him the news. And yet, here we are 39 weeks and counting. Our official due date is next Tuesday, March 12th and I am trying to mentally prepare myself that it could actually be any moment now and yet it could still be a few more weeks. Both of those are difficult ideas for me to wrap my mind around! But we couldn’t be more excited to meet our son! Life is about to drastically change!

In internship news, I finally finished all 1200 hours of clinical, food service and community dietetics experience in February. I never thought I would see the day! I enjoyed my internship so much and learned more than I could have expected, but oh boy was I ready to be done! I have not quite yet crossed the finish line though. I have a bit more to do to study for and take the board exam to become a Registered Dietitian. The plan is to take the test in a few months sometime after baby is here. I have studied a bit after finishing up my hours, but it is difficult to concentrate on studying with this baby on my mind! I made a To-Do list after finishing the internship to help prepare for the little nugget and started crossing things off the list right away (my personality appreciates this these days)…. And now the list is just about completed!

  1. Make it through Dave & Emily’s wedding without water breaking! Okay but seriously, this was a goal. And I am glad I made it through. It was such a beautiful wedding!
  2. Car Seat: install in a very clean car.
  3. Detail the car: David did this! Love him!
  4. Car Wash (Thanks to CO weather, I already need another one. Maybe after this weekend’s storm)
  5. Pedicure
  6. Make a Receiving blanket
  7. Purchase blanket for rocking chair
  8. Purchase foot rest for rocking chair… no way. Every one I found was crazy expensive! Kara helped me make a cute chevron “pouf” for oodles cheaper!
  9. Type up “Birth Preferences”
  10. Clean, clean, clean. The other day I spent all morning cleaning the blinds, the microwave, the stove, etc. Vacuuming is happening multiple times a week. Once I get started, I just can’t stop!
  11. Purchase starter cloth diapers
  12. Baskets for the nursery
  13. Prepare “Go” Bags. Sometimes our car looks like we are going on a 2 week vacation.
  14. Wash Coda.
  15. Make goodies for nursing staff at hospital.
  16. Set up crib when parents arrive! So so excited to see my dad’s handiwork in person. What an amazing gift!
Here is my 39 week Update:
  • Fatigue: Definitely. However, I either have LOTS of energy, or none at all and can nap for hours. I have a feeling this is not going to change any time soon.
  • Cravings: Of course. Currently into: Larkburger hamburgers & chocolate shakes (a once a week kind of thing), sharp cheddar cheese, and green smoothies. Yum!!
  • Aversions: None currently.
  • Birthing Class: Done!
  • Braxton Hicks: I have been having these since the beginning of my third trimester. But within the past few days, these Braxton Hicks are much more consistent (I am talking every 5 minutes for several hours!) and a lot stronger (ahem, hello back pain). I have a feeling that might make it difficult to determine the “real deal”. But we know he is coming when he is good and ready and we are perfectly okay with that. Until then, I will just keep taking warm showers when they start and remind myself that we are “practicing”.
  • Movement: Oh yes. Even though I have no idea how he still has space to wiggle and kick, my belly is moving nonetheless.
  • Name: Still waiting until we officially see him. We are pretty excited about this!
Currently looking forward to:
  • Family coming into town. Makes it feel pretty real now.
  • Setting up the crib!
  • Wearing non-maternity clothes.
  • Breastfeeding!
  • Bringing our son home… and yet it still hasn’t fully hit me yet!
Here is this week’s progress picture thanks to Michelle. Seriously, I keep thinking there is no more room to grow and he continues to prove me wrong.

    2 thoughts on “39 weeks!

  1. So exciting that you might be holding him any day now! Until then, he’s becoming more and more perfect in the most perfect and non-duplicable setting!

  2. We are so excited! Just praying for a quick and easy delivery. See you soon.

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