And then there were 3

Last weekend our sweet Micah turned 5 months old! I would apologize for my absence, but let’s be honest… my priorities have been caught up with appointments, cuddles, bath times, kisses, and giggles and I don’t regret it. It is quite hard to summarize these past 5 months but one thing is certain: my heart has grown bigger than I ever thought possible.

Micah’s delivery was an amazing experience. Don’t get me wrong… it was still labor, but the anticipation of the event, the pain, the emotions, the amazing support of my husband, the prayers leading up to meeting our son (I could go on and on) made it one of the most incredible experience of my life. Michelle documented our story for us. If interested, hop over to see more here.

So that I have it documented, here a little of what has been going on these past few months:


  • Our little nugget arrived
  • Family came to stay with us and help (oh it was such needed help)
  • Baby cuddles
  • Emmaus Road provided weeks of what felt like life-saving meals
  • Newborn pictures
  • Snow, snow and more snow
  • Nursing complications begin… another blog post on this to follow
  • Showered about 1x per week (Seriously, showering was WAY below trying to get sleep on my list of priorities. I know. Nasty.)


  • Gram and Grandpa came to meet Micah
  • Lots of snuggles
  • Nursing complications continue… began pumping pumping and more pumping
  • Dates consist of the three of us going to Target, Starbucks, or the pediatrician. Usually all the during the same outing 🙂
  • Showered about 2x per week


  • Ben and Michelle’s wedding in Estes Park! Micah wore his first bow tie. Adorable.
  • Mom and Dad came to visit
  • Our first date without Micah (not to Target!)
  • Micah’s dedication
  • First Mother’s Day
  • Finally worked up the courage to start cloth diapers. I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner… so easy!
  • More cuddles and sleeping on my chest. Basically everyday. Best feeling ever.


  • Visit to Houston for Micah to meet the Houston fam and friends
  • Discovered Micah is a very good traveler (let’s hope this lasts!)
  • First Father’s Day
  • Met my adorable nephew Daniel in person for the very first time!
  • By this time I think I have taken thousands of pictures of our cutie.
  • Micah begins to coo and is smiling all the time.
  • Showering on a more consistent basis (finally!)


  • Micah slept for 8 hours straight! (Short lived, but worth celebrating)
  • Teething starts (why the longer sleep was short lived)
  • Nursing issues finally start to get better!! Like I said, I will explain more later but this was seriously a miracle.
  • Rolling and Giggles
  • Micah found his voice! This is hilarious. He likes to see how loud he can get.
  • Mary came to visit… Estes Park, movies, pizza, walks, coffee, so fun
  • Finally turned in the last of my exams for the dietetic internship… graduated!

August (so far)

  • Mom came to visit
  • Started back to work… so far it is great! I have the best set up I could think of with my schedule, working from home, etc.
  • Sold David’s car
  • Plans to start foods!

That’s enough for now. Maybe I will add pictures next time. Although, goodness knows I am a mad woman when it comes to uploading pictures of Micah to Facebook and Instagram. But now that things are starting to feel a little more normal in our house of 3 (4 including Coda) I plan to write again soon. Here’s hoping! 😉





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