A few of my favorite (newborn) things…

Within the past few months, we have had several good friends give birth to very sweet babies. We also have several other people we love that are either due soon or like my sister and brother in law, are waiting eagerly for the arrival of their adopted son (my nephew!!). All this talk of babies has brought me back to those first few weeks at home with Micah and all the precious help we received. After being taken care of so well by family and friends, I can only hope to be able to repay the favor to these families!

As I have been searching Pinterest, blogs, etc. on good ideas for gifts for new moms, I have been reflecting on what things were the most helpful during those first few weeks that I may or may not have thought about before Micah’s arrival. I didn’t find much that was super helpful out there, so I thought I would make a list of my own. These are just a few of the things I could think of. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What were “a few of your favorite things” during those first few weeks?

  1. Luna Bars. (But really any bar of choice). I had no idea how hungry I would be in the middle of the night during our nursing sessions every few hours. Bars were great bc I could just keep them by the bed to grab when needed. At 3am, these bars never tasted so good.
  2. Meals. We have an amazing “village” of people around us who loved us through food for several weeks. Our family and our church family were life savers for us during those first few weeks. I still cannot thank them enough! Everything from pizza take out, to casseroles, soup, to desserts. This was a Godsend.
  3. Breakfast. I thought it was brilliant when a few good friend included muffins, an oatmeal casserole, etc. for the next morning with the dinners they delivered! I decided I will always include breakfast when I bring a meal for a family.
  4. A good water bottle. I was thirstier than ever during those first few weeks of nursing. Our hospital provided a great one, but this could be a great gift idea.
  5. Someone to do the dishes. My mom played this role. It was more helpful than I ever could have imagined to have my parents stay at our house during that first week and help with the cleaning, rocking, bouncing, cooking, etc. What a gift.
  6. Nursing tanks. I had 2 of these before Micah was born. I think I now have 5 or so. I lived in these during those first few months, and it is still a rare day that I do not have one on.
  7. Nursing pads. I went through these like crazy.
  8. Ice Packs. I don’t think everyone will need these nor should expect to need these, but I was given home-made cooling packs to help with engorgement. Oh those were such sweet relief.
  9. Baby carrier. My personal favorite is the ergo. But whatever you like: Moby, Baby Bjorn, etc. is great. Just being able to get up, take baby along, and have free hands made the world of difference.
  10. An at home date kit. It was rare for us to get out of the house during those first few months (at least it felt like months). I craved a night that just felt “normal”. So a gift idea for new parents could be a movie or online movie rental gift certificate with popcorn and candy for when baby is awake at 2am asleep.



This is one of my favorite photos from our newborn session with (none other than) my favorite birth photographer. It just breathes stillness to me.

Those first few weeks were crazy, sleepless, intense and some of the most beautiful weeks of my life. It helped so much to have all the help that we did. To those of you reading (you know who you are) that were a part of that, thank you.

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  1. -help folding laundry! there were so many more things to wash, fold, and put away with the arrival of a new baby. this was my favorite thing that my mom did when she came over for the first time after we came home from the hospital.

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