Family of 5

Well hello! It’s been a while.

I mean it’s been a couple of months¬†years since I last posted. Oops. ūüėČ I think it is safe to say that¬†life has gotten just a tiny bit busy lately and there have been a few life changes around here. Here’s a little of what has happened since the last time we spoke.

We became a family of FIVE!

We could not be more thrilled to introduce Lucas (Luke) Oliver to you. He has seamlessly fit into our family and has all of us wrapped around his chubby little fingers. I expected he would come fast into our lives (considering how his older brother came roaring into our family haha) but he came slow, steady, and peacefully instead (so fitting to his personality so far). I promise to share his birth story soon. But here are a few picture to catch you up! We¬†were again so blessed to have incredible images taken by my sis. How we got so lucky as to have¬†the best birth photog on the planet (I am biased but it’s true)¬†in our family, at our births, and document¬†it all, I do not know. But man am I thankful.

His big brothers are pretty enamored with him. This boy mom thing is so much better than I could have even dreamed. Days are sometimes long, nights are definitely longer, but I couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few more recent pictures of our newest little guy.

This kid is just as “go with the flow” and happy as could be. He is currently into rolling, bouncing, giggling, and trying hard to make sure his parents don’t sleep. ūüėČ I bought veggies to make his first baby foods this week. How is it even possible that we are there already!?

Oh and he got glasses when he was¬†only 3 months¬†old and has been doing so great with them. They fit him so well.¬†But that story deserves a full blog post but for now just know that if he is still wearing them next Fall, expect to see Clark Kent or Harry Potter spamming your Instagram feed around halloween. ūüėČ

In other news…¬†I quit my job.¬†

It feels surreal to write that. I worked at WIC since 2010 until this past August when Luke was born. Working at WIC¬†was what initially sparked my love for breastfeeding, inspired me to become an IBCLC, and confirmed for me that my passion is working with young families. I¬†worked with the best team, had the best managers, and got to¬†make relationships with the most amazing families. So it took months for me to decide to step down but it was truly what was best for our family. Childcare is expensive (soapbox- COME ON, we¬†NEED better parental leave) and I won’t get this time back with the boys. So now I spend most of my days in leggings and a messy bun playing legos, breastfeeding, and running around with my crazy and amazing boys. I¬†miss my work tons but I also can’t imagine trying to juggle that¬†too. And although I probably wouldn’t say it on the days when I have spit up in my hair or poop down¬†my shirt (kidding… mostly), being home is exactly where I want to be. Work will return… and I have dreams of what that¬†might look like eventually (dreams that equally scare me and¬†excite me) but we will take that one day and one step at a time.

So, although I have no idea when I am going to find the time to do this, I have a goal to start writing about my passions again here. From family, to nutrition, to breastfeeding, and beyond I plan to continue the conversation about matters close to my heart.

So… here we go! See ya soon!

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