About Me

I live in the beautiful state of Colorado but I was raised in the South – Texas to be exact. For some reason, I never picked up the “y’all” thing but I definitely adapted a love for tex-mex. I moved to CO to finish up my degree in nutrition and never left. It might have had something to do with those gorgeous mountains, & it might have had something to do with the handsome man that asked me to marry him (over 10 years ago now!).

I am a mother to three adorable, energetic, hilarious young boys. If you walked in my house today you would probably find someone in dress up clothes and Legos everywhere. I wouldn’t trade the mess or the chaos for the world.

I am a Registered Dietitian and grad student working towards a Master of Science in Dietetics. I have a tendency to talk about nutrition and breastfeeding whenever the chance comes up. Give me a cup of coffee and the topic of diet culture or the unrealistic expectations placed on lactating parents and I am good to go for hours. I see food as a gift and our bodies as good and my desire is to help others live into a healthy relationship with food. I believe none of these topics cannot be fully discussed without the lens of social justice- hence the name of this blog! Spark your interest? Want to know more? Just ask!

I also am an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant and have made a career out of helping young families with breastfeeding and nutrition. My first son and I had quite a breastfeeding journey filled with struggles and triumphs, but our story only made me even more passionate about helping families reach their personal breastfeeding goals. My personal experience has given me loads of humility and empathy for young families and I believe every parent deserves support. You may see breastfeeding come up in one or two of my posts. 😉

I am honored that you decided to stop by and I hope that you will continue to come back. I would love your input and feedback as I attempt to explore topics of life, nutrition, and breastfeeding in a way that does them justice.